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Collaborative meetings management software for
executive Committees, Boards of directors or
General Meetings

topboard has been specially developed to meet the needs of companies. You can now save time and automate the tasks related to the organization of your boards and meetings. Discover our all-in-one interface that groups and simplifies the tools. It becomes very easy and fast to plan, manage and organize in a few clicks.

Why do companies choose topboard?

Provide a powerful tool for board members to save time
Reduce the administrative burden on board and meeting organizers
Secure the transfer and archiving of documents and make them available 24 hours a day

All the essential features
in one tool

  • Agenda Editor

    Meeting management with agenda generator.

  • Members & guests management

    Simply manage access to allow members to confirm their attendance at meetings.

  • Votes & Polls

    Organize the online votes and validate the decisions taken according to the minutes.

  • Document & Archive Management

    Store and share files and documents from one secure location.

  • Creation of minutes & report

    During the meeting the minutes will be updated in real time to all those who are following the meeting.

  • Connected with videoconference

    The videoconference integrated into the meeting allows you to easily follow the progress of the agenda.

  • Boardpack

    Download in one click all the necessary documents for the meeting.

  • Personal notes

    Add strictly personal notes on each agenda item.

  • Shareholders and Associates

    Organize votes according to the capital stock or shares of your shareholders or partners.

  • Proxy Management

    Delegate voting rights to proxies, with or without voting instructions.

Organize your meetings quickly, efficiently and securely

Less time wasted on organizing

Before the meeting

The person in charge of the meeting

  • Creation of the agenda in a few minutes
  • Send invitations in one click
  • Share all documents in a secure way

The participants

  • Confirmation of participation
  • Delegation of votes to a proxy
  • Taking personal notes
  • Facilitated preparatory work
Model with the list of participants and the possibility to confirm attendance.
Less redundant work

During the meeting

The person in charge of the meeting

  • Complete the attendance list
  • Follow-up of the progress
  • Management of votes and polls
  • Update the agenda

The participants

  • Real time voting
  • Follow-up of the agenda
Voting & polling model
Fewer scattered documents

After the meeting

The person in charge of the meeting

  • Sending the minutes to the participants for approval
  • Secure archiving of documents
  • Research of past decisions
  • Follow-up of the decisions taken

The participants

  • Approval of the minutes in one click
  • Consultation of the archives 24/7
  • Summary of the time spent in meeting
  • Follow-up and reminders of assigned tasks
Follow-up of notes & decisions

They use topboard

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Developed and hosted in Switzerland

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topboard is a collaborative software solution designed and developed in Switzerland. The hosting is also done in Switzerland on Hidora's servers.

The infrastructure is located in two datacenters in Gland (Vaud) and Geneva which are operated by the company SafeHost SA, certified ISO27001, ISO9001 and Green-IT.

Your data is only stored in Switzerland and is in compliance with nFADP and GDPR. It remains entirely confidential and only accessible according to the access levels you grant to your members.

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