1. What is topboard?

    topboard is a website created with the aim of digitizing the organization and management of executive Committees, Boards and General Meetings and/or any other type of meetings. topboard allows you to hold your meetings efficiently and save a lot of time.

  2. How does topboard work?

    You log in to topboard and select the subscription you need according to your needs. Note that you get a free 30-day trial to familiarize yourself with the software. Then, you will have to pay the price of the subscription you have selected. During the free trial period or after payment, you can use the software and organize your meetings as you wish.

  3. How long is my personal data kept?

    The data will be stored for ten years. However, you can ask topboard to delete all your data at any time.

  4. Is my data safe?

    Data can never be 100% secure, so we explain how we protect your data in our privacy policy, so you can decide for yourself if our level of security is sufficient for you.

    In summary:
    • We host your data in Switzerland with Hidora.
    • The infrastructure is located in two datacenters in Gland (Vaud) and Geneva which are operated by the company SafeHost SA, certified ISO27001, ISO9001 and Green-IT.
    • The data is only kept in Switzerland and is in conformity with nFADP and GDPR.
    • Your data remains entirely confidential and only accessible according to the access levels you grant to your members.
    • Each user account can be secured with strong authentication.
  5. What kind of service does topboard offer?

    topboard allows the management of executive committees, Boards and General Meetings and/or any other meetings in a digitalized way by proposing in particular a generator of agenda with agenda, the planning of meetings, the organization of online votes, the taking of online decisions, the automatic establishment of minutes, the storage and the sharing of files and documents from a single protected place.

  6. Who can benefit from topboard services?

    topboard is designed for both individuals and companies (associations, co-ownership, foundations, corporations, limited companies, etc.) that need to organize and manage executive committees, Boards and General Meetings and/or any other meetings and/or any other type of meeting.

  7. Why to choose topboard?

    Through multiple functionalities, topboard facilitates and digitizes the holding of your meetings. You will no longer need to use paper. topboard offers you the possibility to choose among three types of subscriptions for very attractive prices. By using the topboard software, you will save time and optimize the management of your meetings.

  8. Is it possible to organize a Board of directors or a General Meeting on the website?

    Yes, you can also create your agenda online, manage your members and guests, conduct online votes and polls, make personal notes, upload documents, hold your meeting via video conference, etc.

  9. Is it possible to organize a vote in real time through the topboard software?

    Yes, when organizing a meeting, you can at any time propose a vote in relation to certain decisions and/or a poll. The results of the votes and/or polls are obtained in real time.

  10. Is it possible to restrict access to external persons?

    Yes, the access and guest management allows you to clearly and simply define the access rights of your members and guests.

    In concrete terms you can :

    • Use groups to limit the visible meetings of the groups to people belonging to the groups.
    • Limit the number of visible meetings for each of the accesses over a period of time.
    • Invite external people to the meetings, they will receive the email with the minutes and/or the agenda, they can decide if they are present or not, and, on the day of the meeting, they can simply vote.
  11. Is there a set-up fee?

    No. There are no setup fees on any of our subscriptions.

    We can even come to your home for free and without obligation to organize your first meeting with topboard.

  12. Do I have to enter my payment information to register?

    No. You can sign up and use topboard for free for 30 days without entering your payment information.
    At the end of your trial, you will need to select a subscription and enter your payment information to continue using topboard.

  13. Can I cancel my account at any time?

    Yes, if you decide that topboard is not the best meeting management solution for your company, you can cancel your account.

  14. Do you offer free subscriptions?

    Yes, the "Discovery" subscription is totally free. You are entitled to one session per year, which is enough to hold your yearly meeting.

  15. Do you offer discounts?

    Yes, we offer a 30% discount for all non-profit organizations.

    By choosing annual payment, you receive a 15% off.

  16. Can I change my subscription later?

    Absolutely! You can change your subscription at any time. However, the change will be made automatically at the end of the subscription term.

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