1. topboard is a website created with the aim of digitizing the organization and management of boards of directors, general meetings, committees and/or any other type of meeting or session. topboard allows you to hold your meetings efficiently and save considerable time.

  2. You log in to topboard and select the subscription based on your needs. Note that you get a 30-day free trial to familiarize yourself with the software. Then, you will have to pay the price of the subscription you have selected. During the free trial period or once the payment is made, you will be able to use the software and organize your sessions as you wish.

  3. The data is kept for ten years. But you can ask topboard to delete all of your data at any time.

  4. Data can never be 100% secure, which is why we explain how we protect your data in our privacy policy, so you can decide for yourself if our level of security is sufficient for you.

    In summary:
    • We host your data in Switzerland with Hidora.
    • The infrastructure is located in two datacenters in Gland (Wadt) and Geneva, both in Switzerland which are operated by the company SafeHost SA, certified ISO27001, ISO9001 and Green-IT.
    • The data is only kept in Switzerland and is in compliance with the RGPD.
    • Your data remains completely confidential and only accessible according to the access levels you grant to your members.
    • Each user account can be secured with strong authentication.
  5. topboard allows the management of boards of directors, general meetings, committees and/or any other session in a digitalized way by proposing in particular a generator of agenda, the planning of meetings, the organization of votes online, the taking of decisions online, the automatically establishment of minutes, the storage and the sharing of files and documents from a single secured place.

  6. topboard is for individuals and businesses (associations, condominiums, foundations, public limited companies, limited liability companies, etc.) needing to organize and manage boards of directors, general meetings, committees and/or any other type of session.

  7. Through multiple features, topboard makes it easy and digitalizes your session. You will no longer need to use paper. topboard offers you the possibility to choose from three types of subscriptions for very attractive prices. By using topboard software, you will save time and optimize the management of your sessions.

  8. Yes, in addition, you can create your agenda online, manage your members and guests, conduct online votes and polls, make personal annotations, upload documents, hold your meeting via video conference, etc.

  9. Yes, when organizing a session, you can at any time propose a vote in connection with certain decisions and/or a poll. The results of votes and/or polls are obtained in real time.

  10. Oui, la gestion des accès et des invités vous permet de définir clairement et simplement les droits d'accès de vos membres et vos invités.

    Concrètement vous pouvez :

    • Utiliser les groupes pour limiter les séances visibles des groupes aux personnes appartenant aux groupes.
    • Limiter sur une période de temps les séances visibles pour chacun des accès.
    • Inviter des personnes externes aux séances, ils receveront l'email avec le procès-verbal et/ou l'ordre du jour, pourront répondre de leur présence ou non, et, le jour de la séance, pourront tout simplement voter.
  11. No. There are no setup fees on any of our subscriptions.

    We can even come to your office for free and without obligation to set up your first meeting with topboard.

  12. No. You can sign in and use topboard for a free trial of 30 days without entering your payment information. At the end of your trial, you will need to select a subscription and enter your payment information to continue using topboard.

  13. Yes. If you ultimately decide that topboard is not the best session management solution for your business, you can cancel your account.

  14. Yes. You have the option to select annual payment for your subscription and receive a 15% discount.

  15. Absolutely! You can change your subscription at any time. However, the change will automatically occur at the end of the previous subscription term.

  16. Absolument ! Vous pouvez modifier votre abonnement à tout moment. Toutefois, la modification se fera automatiquement à la fin de l'échéance du précédent abonnement.

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